Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cactus

My Christmas cactus is blooming on time this year. How does it know
that it is Christmas time?


Ghost said...

built in knowledge. Just like knowing we got to breathe. Enjoy!

Tea said...

It's a miracle, I say.
The color is just beautiful! And I think you're the one with the green thumb. No indoor plants here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan: Loved the Christmas Cactus photo also, I wondered the same question on how does it know to bloom around Christmas, well..Not knowing...went up on the internet, and asked..
It said: Christmas Cactus, also known as Orchid Cactus, does NOT like too much direct sunlight, it can burn the leaves, & said some experts feel the Christmas cactus is photoperiodic like the poinsettia, this means the plant needs a certain number of hours in total darkness each day to bloom. & they went on too say that water, but not to much...or too often and just too keep it moist & it likes a cooler temp, it will not bloom if kept warm.
Now..just to finish off this blah blah blah...I know you DO have the green thumb, as I have always overwatered the ones I have tried to grow, and put them right up there in the window, and know now...I will just wait to see your pretty photo's of yours blooming...(as you would NOT like a photo of mine when I tried>I will stick to my knitt'un.)
If you want to read or know more.. go up on, and type in Christmas cactus...great learning experience...(OR just ask You), your's is so Pretty.
Gail Lucille

Mary Anne said...

Beautiful blooms on that Christmas Cactus, and how clever of it to know it's time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan...I'm just surfing kitting and crocheting sites (I'm a crocheter who makes prayer shawls, prayer cloths and scarves)...and I came across your blog spot...some windy way through crochet cabana. Anyway, I love your work! Makes me wish I could knit. I grew up in the mountains of Western NC...seeing all your pictures makes me ache for home. The flowers and scenery are so beautiful...and your pictures are amazing. I especially love the way you alternate between a beautiful thing handmade and a beautiful thing in nature...

Thanks for sharing!
Laura Adams in Lawrenceville, GA

Susan said...

Thanks for all the kind comments!
Sometimes I forget I have a blog!