Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cookie Cutters

My Christmas cookie cutter collection
of green and red handled cutters has
grown over the years.


Anonymous said...

Boy I bet they have had a lot of use over the years too. Nice collection.

Tea said...

I love your cookie cutter collection, especially the gingerbread man and the chicken! I love chickens.

Are you going to bake all your readers some special cookies this year? ;) lol

Mary Anne said...

Those are some beautiful cookie cutters. I too like the gingerbread man and the chicken and the stars and..and..I want cookies!!!

AlisonH said...

I have a collection, the little press to mold type, and I hadn't even thought of them this year--thank you for the reminder!

Mainely4Knitting said...

What a nice collection you have - lucky you!

Thanks for bringing back a lot of great childhood memories to me today!