Friday, January 2, 2009

Cook Books

I got my first cookbook shortly after arriving on the Mayflower. I got my last cook book at Michaels.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed the Better Homes and Garden cook books. Nice collection. Thanks for the pattern too!

Tea said...

ROFL! Sorry, but the Mayflower cracked me up.
You sure know a good book when you see one! I love my BH&G cookbooks. Your collection is 2-up on mine. :)

Mary Anne said...

The Mayflower!! Just how old are you??? heehee.

I love old cookbooks too.

Sandie said...

hahahaha I am catching up and this caught my eye. The Mayflower. I love it. I was there. Did you see me?

AlisonH said...

Okay, now, *that's* FUNNY!!!

My first cookbook I ever bought was a pristine, never-opened-looking copy of the first edition Betty Crocker cookbook, circa I think 1952, just before I left for college at 18. At a garage sale.

I assure you it's not pristine looking now. They reprinted the thing two years ago, so now my kids have copies too.