Friday, September 24, 2010

Knitting Slippers

On the needles is another pair of TV slippers in discontinued Chunky USA.
They are knit flat then sewn together
at the heel and toe. Size 10 needles.
Cuddlemocs.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Tea said...

Love that beautiful yarn! The pattern is cute, too. I bet they're for sweet of you. ;)

Ghost said...

Wow the color is so appealing and eye stunning.

hakucho said...

I remember my mother knitting similar slippers when I was a little girl :)

The color matches your violet perfectly!

happy knitting :)

Mary Anne said...

Great pattern! My mom made a pair of these for my husband 20 years ago and he still wears them. I love your colour choice.

Sandy said...

Fabulous color, too bad the yarn is no more, they look great. I'm gonna try out that pattern, sounds like a winner.