Monday, July 12, 2010

Martha Washington Knitting For Liberty

Martha Washington was a knitter. She organized
the ladies to knit socks and caps for the soldiers.
You can read about her knitting in the book No Idle
Hands The Social History Of American Knitting by Anne Macdonald. Interesting facts about patriotic
knitting during wartime are covered in the book.


Tea said...

What a fabulous painting! One can even see the clocking on the Mister's stockings - Squeee!!
Youngest and I are past 18th century living history presenters so we've seen a lot of artwork with the "couple" showcased, but I don't remember ever having seen this painting. Oh, okay, yes, your point is her knitting - it's absolutely grandly fabulous in that respect, also. I decided long ago that they were the country's perfect couple. :)
Youngest used to wear a mobcap similar to the one on Martha. Gosh, the more I looks the better it gets. Thanks for posting this beauty.

Melody said...

Wow, Love how I always learn something. Thanks for visiting me. Love your blog. I know Tea..thru her blog..hopefully we'll meet someday, but she's in Tenn. too. I am in Cincinnati Ohio, but practically grew up going to the Knoxville/Townsend/Gatlinburg/Cosby/Ashville area..phew that's spread out.
Now that we know where each other is I hope you stop back soon. I'm putting your blog on my list:)

sandy said...

I knew she was a knitter, most ladies were in that; but haven't read the book, must see if I can find it.

paulagrnsy said...

It's amazing that you can tell George's suit is velvet, even in the smaller version!