Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

I baked this pumpkin bread from a
box of grocery store quick bread mix.
The pumpkin patch loaf pan is from Nordic Ware. Makes a tasty Fall treat.


Tea said...

Mmmmmm, that pumpkin bread looks delicious! I'll be right over, and thanks for askin'. _giggles_
Oh, and if your pan comes up missin' - it wasn't me.

Mary Anne said...

ooh I love pumpkin bread and your bread pan is gorgeous!

Youngest said...

That is a beautiful pan!! Pun'kin bread sounds wonderful, with a nice, hot cup of coffee, mmmm.

Teresa said...

Hi Susan, just found your site, which is very interesting. I really like the triangle shawl from March 21 2007, would it be possible to have the pattern please? It is getting colder in England now!

Thank you
Beverley, East Yorkshire, England

Susan said...

Thanks Teresa in England!
triangle shawl pattern
2 skeins lion brand Homespun
#13 needles (US)
Cast on 3 stitches
row 1 knit 3 stitches
all other rows Knit 1, YO, K to end
until you almost run out of yarn-Bind off.

Teresa said...

Thank you Susan

It has been a bright sunny but cold day here. Have repotted some house plants and are shortly off to my book club.

Back to work tomorrow.

Will start the shawl project tomorrow evening.


SANDY said...

Sure makes it pretty. Never thought to get one of those pretty pans, to spice it up.

Very nice.