Sunday, October 25, 2009


October is Crock Pot time. Put something in the Crock Pot along with a can of tomatoes, then sit down and knit.


Tea said...

That's a great idea! I wish I knew some good recipes since I have a big Corning Ware crockpot> I justt never use it. How 'bout a nifty recipe or two?

Ghost said...

I love mine. Such a great time saver.

Mary Anne said...

mmmmmm, I can smell the tomatoes cooking from here. yummy October goodness.

Sandy said...

Right you are, time to get it out and dust it off.

I love doing beef brisket or corned beef in my crock pot. I use one can of beer and cover meat with water in both cases. Cook on slow all day long. Green bean casserole/or quickly in microwave, and apple sauce a favorite meal for sure.

Thanks for the reminder, it's time.

Sandy said...

Thanks for getting back in touch regarding the pattern, I appreciate it. Hoping to finish a few things up so I can start a scarf with that pattern.

Also going to add you to my blog log so I can find my way back more often, hope you'll do the same.

It's Friday....yippee!!!


Sandy said...

Had some good chicken, bar b q chicken in the crock pot yesterday. My SIL did the chicken first in the pressure cooker, then shreaded it, added her sauce and put it in the crock pot. Was a good item to eat while folks were watching football. Everyone could help themselves and eat when they wanted to.