Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three Rivers Cornmeal

My beloved Three Rivers Cornmeal
has been discontinued after 75 years.
It must be a cornmeal corn-spiracy!


Tea said...

_weeps bitterly_

_rises to feet clutching the last handful of Three Rivers Self-rising Cornmeal Mix in the county_

"I won't let them defeat me.
Why, White Lily! That's what I'll do, I'll go buy White Lily Cornmeal, and I'll never be hungry again."

(Do they even make White Lily Cornmeal Mix?)

Susan said...

Yes Scarlet, White Lily makes cornmeal. Tomorrow is another day!

AlisonH said...

But! But!

cinnamongirl93 said...

We don't have that here in northern Illinois. I normally use Jiffy corn bread mix.
I know how it is when something you love gets discontinued. For me, ice cream, lipstick, bra's.....I feel your pain!

hakucho said...

I just HATE it when they get rid of something that you love...I feel for you ;)

Hope you find a good substitute!!

Brenda said...

white lily and three rivers are both owned by J.M.Smucker company.

thegreatkitts said...

Please call Smuckers and let them know how you feel about them discontinuing your favorite cornmeal. 800-595-1380