Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red Rose Tea

Sometimes you have to put down your knitting, and have a cup of tea.
Red Rose tea is a favorite of mine.


Mary Anne said...

Red Rose Tea is my favourite too! I remember my mom had a pot of Red Rose on the go all day long when I was a kid and she collected the little figurines that came in the box. Love the teacup and saucer too.

Ghost said...

I like Red Rose too. It has been around a long time so must have a lot of users. Stop over at my blog and get your award.

Tea said...

What a beautiful teacup and saucer!
I've never tried the tea, but it sounds delicious. I'm going to try it. My daughters drink tea more than I do, but I do have an occasional cup. I learned to drink tea at the table of an Englishwoman in Germany...a story for another day.

bspinner said...

I like coffee a lot more but when I do have a cup of tea my favorite is Red Rose.