Sunday, September 2, 2012

Knitting TV Slippers

I have been knitting TV slippers while I watch television. I was trying to use up some old
discontinued Lion Brand Chunky USA yarn . Pattern is here:
I used size 10 knitting needles.


Magnolia Tea said...

Such cute slippers! You've been a busy knitter.
Thank you for the pattern link.

I am ready for fall - don't care how many leaves clog the yard - bring it on!
Have a great week!

Susan said...

Just noticed the slipper pattern link
does not work . Blogger's new format is hard to work with !

Magnolia Tea said...

That's okay I found the pattern by searching for cuddle mocs. I wish blogger would leave well enough alone!

Sandy said...

Very nice. Somewhere along the line I printed that pattern, must find it and make a few pairs. My daughters loves things like this, plus it would be a nice break from the big afghan projects. Agree, I'm still using the old format, tried the new and really really don't like it, so holding on as long as I can.