Thursday, May 3, 2012


   I planted some zucchini seeds. This heirloom variety is called Black Beauty. Zucchini grows very fast, and is very productive. It's fun to bake zucchini bread from your own home grown zucchini .


Magnolia Tea said...

Hope yours do well. Birds are snipping my sprouts right from the hills! Time to pull out the big guns and make a scarecrow I guess. *snickers*

hakucho said...

Home grown zucchini is the best!

Sandy said...

When I had a garden, that's the type I planted, they are fabulous. Veggie gardens were fun, I even canned back in the day; but had to give something up to make room for the time I spend knitting and crocheting, and blogging. Just can't do it all.

Making rounds today from my newest blog, Flat Stanley and Friends. Wanted to invite you over for a look see. And since you're a Mom etc, thought you might be able to share stories or pictures of a Flat Stanley adventure.

He needs some help getting started, with visitors, comments, followers, and sharing stories.