Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shamrock Plant

Last year I bought a shamrock plant at the grocery store. I have managed to keep it alive, and it is still blooming.
Owning the shamrock plant did not improve my luck. The plant is really an Oxalis, but the leaves resemble lucky shamrocks. They are sold around St. Patrick's Day.


hakucho said...

Your shamrock looks very must have an Irish green thumb ;)

Consider doing away with the new word verifications. They are really getting annoying. I don't use any and have been getting zero spam. The spam filters have been improved greatly :)

Magnolia Tea said...

Oh yeah, I love your shamrock plant and that darlin' cup and saucer! I've thought about getting one of those plants, but I'd probably kill it like I do all indoor plants. I do however have my shamrock lites and li'l wreath out in time to enjoy them.
Have a great week!

Sandy said...

I've not seen a plant like that, or if I did, didn't know what I was looking at. Very cool. Lovely photo for Green Day. You said your luck wasn't any better...hopefully it wasn't any worse either. Pour me a cup of tea please and we'll chat.
Rounding today from Sandy's Space, wanted to say hi.

Sandy said...

And, I soooooooooo agree with hakucho on the captcha's, they are sooooooo annoying, so hard to see and take extra time, often you have to do them multiple times cause you can't read them...and like she said, the filters work great. They really aren't needed. I have 3 blogs and really don't have any problems.

Case in point, just got the 3rd annoying word verifications now trying to post this....argh

Sandy said...

Me popping in again making my blog rounds from Sandy's Space, hope you're doing well and look forward to your visiting....SOON, I hope.