Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quilting For Charity

This quilting book covers several organizations in need of quilts, and
includes a pattern for each charity.
From Civil War quilters to today's
quilts for veterans the need remains.
Other topics include kids, pets, cancer,
aids, and homeless needing quilts.


Mary Anne said...

Are you a quilter, kiddo? I love all things quilting, except I've never actually tried it. Just received Fall 2010 catgalogue from Keepsake Quilting and I want to buy something from every page.

Tea said...

I want to learn to quilt, but I'm trying to make an old farm house look livable, just now. I hear quilting can be very costly up to $600 just to make some quilts. Is that true? Yikes.

Sandy said...

I knit and crochet, and have made a few psuedo quilts. I say that because they weren't any specific traditional pattern. I just pieced fabric together added batting and quilted it by stitching around the designs in the fabric.