Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Christmas time is cookie time.
Who doesn't like Christmas cookies?


Ghost said...

I love cookies, Christmas or not.

Tea said...

Sweet! says I (quoting the younger crowd, of course.) I'm terrible at makin' cookies in shapes even with cool cutters so feel free to send me some of yours when you're done.
The book title is crackin' me up. But it's makin' me feel rather inept, too. 'Til I saw that, it had never occurred to me to match my readin' to my cookin'. o.O
I declare, you're so together!

Mary Anne said...

I love Christmas cookies! I love cookies any time of year!

Sandy said...

I don't. Oh did you mean to eat them or bake them? I never bake, I've never enjoyed it and so it's been years since I've made any Christmas cookies.

But, if you bake them...I will eat them. lol

Stopping to take a break from cleaning to wish all on my bloglog (Sandy's Space) Merry Christmas, no clue if I'll have time to later.


hakucho said...

Christmas isn't Christmas without Christmas cookies in our house :)

I've been very busy with our on to the pies tomorrow :)

happy holidays :)