Friday, August 14, 2009

Brown Betty Teapot

I found this used Brown Betty teapot.
It is a 2 cup size, and says Sadler England on the bottom. I wonder who owned it , and why they got rid of it.


hakucho said...

Very nice find :)

Mary Anne said...

I love Brown Betty teapots - great find!

Laurie said...

I have one, too, and love it. Mie belonged to my mother & her name was Betty!

Tea said...

Oh, you teapot is in great shape! Now, you'll have to knit Betty a little "cozy" sweater. Cool.

I bet it was a gift to someone and they didn't want to use it so they kept it in the china cabinet, then they got old and had to go to the nursing home and their kids sold it in a tag sale for a song. That's my story.

Sandy said...

Nice find, I've got a knock off. Made to look like a Brown Betty. Are you a big tea drinker?