Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cuddlemocs Slippers

Cuddlemocs.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Found this old pattern for Cuddlemocs
slippers-used some discontinued
Chunky USA- size 10 1/2 needles


Jean said...

That pattern is one of the first things I ever knitted. My grandma made them for EVERYONE, and then she taught me. She always used double worsted strand of off-white and one strand of color.

hakucho said...

Yes, a very familiar old pattern...I know I had a pair when I was a kid :)

You are all set for winter with those comfy warm slippers!

Tea said...

You find the niftiest patterns!
I have to try those...someday.
Thanks for sharing the link. :)

Mary Anne said...

My mom used to knit those slippers. They are so cozy. I like the colour of your cuddlemocs.