Friday, October 3, 2008

Candy For A Cause

I will force myself to eat all this candy.
Anything for a good cause!


Laurie said...

Nice! I love M & M's!

I also love your little teacup and saucer!

Where can we find this candy?

Susan said...

I found the pink M&Ms at Kroger
where all my money goes!

Mary Anne said...

ooooooh, I love the pink m&ms and that cup & saucer are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

If it were me I would not have to force myself and I bet you won't either. Giggles! Lovely shot once again.

Tea said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm, those m&m's are so good.
Love, love, love the cup and saucer! Do you have a whole set of that one?
Very cool.

Anonymous said...

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Yamma Mamma said...

Love these M&Ms! Last year, a friend of mine bought a bunch to later use at my baby shower - of course, we knew it was a girl :) It was a very cute decorating idea! I personally don't care what color the M&Ms are - I'll eat them all, loving every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I'd do the same! lol M&Ms are MADE to be eaten ... all at one sitting!

Love the cup and saucer.

Lesley Ann

AlisonH said...

Cayenne peppers, M&M's... I hear chocolate is a good way to calm down an overly-peppered palate. (But the peppers look so innocently pretty!)