Thursday, September 27, 2007



Tea said...

Sure thing! I don't mind thinkin' and shoppin'pink; especially for a good cause.

BTW, I'd love to share the pattern for the strip afghan on my blog, but it is copyrighted. However, I changed several things in the directions to fit my needs, so I'm wondering if that makes it a totally different pattern that I could share, now? Geepers, you 'bout need to be a lawyer to do anything these days. What do you think, Susan? Let me know.

Tea said...

Okay, glad you found the mile-a-minute pattern. :) It's very similar. I basically went by the mile-a-minute directions but used one strand of Red Heart Aran worsted and crocheted 55 rows of shells. Then I did double crochet in groups of three around them with Red Heart Watercolor. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find these. I have not seen them anywhere here. But of course we are now limited to one store that is Krogers.

bevq said...

Cute pink packages!! I have seen the pink M&Ms but not saltines!
Let's pray they find that cure! I have lost too many in my family to breast cancer.

With the billion$$$ they receive, they should have that cure by now! I have a feeling there is too much money to made off cancer victims and families though...

Sorry-- that was a tad negative! Hoping still that cure if found and made public SOON!


Tea said...

Hi Susan,
I finished a shawl using your directions and linked to your blog on my site. Hope it's okay with you..