Friday, July 20, 2007

Healing Shawl color prairie size 15 needles


Mary Anne said...

this shawl looks very comforting and peaceful.

Tea said...

Hi Susan! I love the prairie shawl! Is the pattern a free one? I'd love to make one like it. If so, please post where I can find the pattern here on your blog and I'll check back.
Thanks for the nice comment on my latest pattern. :)

Susan said...

Healing Shawl Pattern
2 skeins homespun color prairie
size 15 needles
cast on 45 sitiches
knit every row
when almost out of yarn, bind off!
size aprox. 20 inches x 60-65 in.
(my mindless knitting pattern!)

Tea said...

Thanks, Susan! I love your pattern. Thanks so much for posting it. I have the yarn and the to go knit, now. Thanks, again! :)

Oiyi said...

It looks very warm and conforting. Great job!