Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shoulder warmer for nursing home patient
20x60 #15 needles 45 stitches all knit
2 skeins Homespun color Hepplewhite


Helaine said...

Your work is beautiful and thanks for sending me comments on my blog about the baby blanket.


MissHelaineous creations

Shelly said...

That's gorgeous! Where is the pattern from? I'd love to make one for my mil.

Mary Anne said...

You've knit some lovely items, Susan. Your Irish hiking scarf is one of the prettiest I've seen. Is there a pattern available for the shoulder warmer (free or purchase)?

Anonymous said...

Please can I join in with a request for the shoulder warmer pattern?

Anonymous said...

Ooops ... the request for the shoulder warmer pattern wasn't finished before I hit something that sent it by mistake.

Was just going to say that I need one right now - a shoulder warmer that is.

Happy knitting,
Janey said...

hoping you can tell me the pattern used for the shoulder warmer.

Phyllis said...

Your shoulder warmer is lovely, I''m joining in on the questioning of where I could find the pattern, is it purchased or can it be gotten free?

I also made a mistake rib scarf for charity and now If I can find my copy of the pattern I'll start another as it was so neat to do.

Susan said...

shoulder warmer pattern
2 skeins homespun-#15 needles
cast on 45 stitches.
knit every row.
when almost out of yarn, bind off.
makes a rectangle 20inches x 60-65